An Adaptive Routing Algorithm of 2-D Torus Network Based on Turn Model: The Communication Performance

Yasuyuki Miura, Kentaro Shimozono, Naohisa Fukase, Shigeyoshi Watanabe, Kazuya Matoyama


A 2-D torus network is one of the most popular networks for parallel processing. Many algorithms have been proposed based on the turn model, but most of them cannot be applied to a torus network without modification. In this paper, we propose North-South First (NSF) routing that is applicable to a 2-D torus and combines the north-first method (NF) and the south-first method (SF). NF and SF are algorithms yielded by the turn model. A software simulation comparing NSF routing with other forms of deterministic and adaptive routing showed that NSF routing improves throughput in three types of communication patterns, but yields no improvement for one other communication pattern. 


Network on Chip; Interconnection Network; Adaptive Routing; Turn Model

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