Redefine and Organize, 4th Authentication Factor, Behavior

Rie Shigetomi YAMAGUCHI, Toshiyuki Nakata, Ryosuke Kobayashi


While the use of intelligent devices such as smartphones is spreading rapidly, for the most part, people continue to rely on old ID/password methods for authentication purposes, and the modernization of authentication technology is recognized as an ongoing challenge for society. In the face of this challenge, one form of authentication technology that has been attracting significant attention recently promotes the use of information technology (IT) to identify people based on information about their habits. In application, this technology obtains information about users from smartphones and wearable devices and thus performs authentication without requiring them to perform any verification operations. This is accomplished by redefining and organizing a fourth personal authentication factor, behavior. Herein, we discuss the recent trends of this technology as part of smartphone society, define the technical issues that must be resolved for realizing behavior authentication, and describe measures for resolving them.


Personal Authentication; Behavior Authentication; Lifestyle Authentication

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