Link Fault Tolerant Routing Algorithms in Mirrored K-Ary N-Tree Interconnection Networks

Yaodong Wang, Yamin Li


This paper investigates the fault tolerance of Mirrored k-Ary n-Tree (MiKANT) networks with link faulty. The MiKANT network is a variant of the traditional k-ary n-tree (Fat-tree) and Clos networks. It doubles the number of compute nodes of the fat-tree by adding a few switches and links and has a shorter average distance to reduce the packet latency. As the scale of MiKANT becomes larger, the probability of link faulty becomes higher. In order to improve the successful routing ratio of MiKANT, we give four link fault tolerant routing algorithms for MiKANT and evaluate their performance through simulations. In addition, the performance of the combined algorithms is also evaluated.


interconnection network; fat-tree; mirrored k-ary n-tree; routing; fault tolerance; algorithm; simulation

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