A Co-Processor Design for an Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Accelerator CMA

Mai Izawa, Nobuaki Ozaki, Yusuke Koizumi, Rie Uno, Hideharu Amano


Cool Mega Array (CMA) is an energy efficient reconfigurable accelerator consisting of a large PE array with combinatorial circuits and a small microcontroller. In order to enhance the energy efficiency of the total system, a co-processor design of CMA called CMA-Geyser is proposed. By partly replacing the programmable microcontroller by the host processor Geyser with a dedicated hardware controller, the setting up for the CMA and data transfer can be efficiently done.

The design using 65nm CMOS process is compared with an off-loading style multicore system Cube-1. By eliminating the data memory required in Cube-1, CMA-Geyser reduced 21.3% of semiconductor area. Also, it achieved about 2.7 times performance of Cube-1 by the efficient data communication between host and the accelerator. 

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