Accelerator Chip for Ground-state Searches of Ising Model with Asynchronous Random Pulse Distribution

Masato Hayashi, Masanao Yamaoka, Chihiro Yoshimura, Takuya Okuyama, Hidetaka Aoki, Hiroyuki Mizuno


We propose a static random access memory based complementary metal-oxide semiconductor LSI chip that accelerates ground-state searches of an Ising model. Escaping local minima is a key feature in creating such a chip. We describe a method for escaping the local minima by asynchronously distributing random pulses. The random pulses are input from outside the chip and propagated through two asynchronous paths. In an experiment using a prototype of our chip, our method achieved the same solution accuracy as the conventional method. The solution accuracy is further improved by dividing the random pulse distribution paths and increasing the number of pseudo random number generators.


Ising model; ground-state search; random pulse; accelerator

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