Integration of TicToc Concurrency Control Protocol with Parallel Write Ahead Logging Protocol

Yasuhiro Nakamura, Hideyuki Kawashima, Osamu Tatebe


A transactional system consists of a concurrency control system and a recovery system. TicToc is one of the state of the art concurrency control protocols today, but it lacks recovery system. We studied the ways to integrate TicToc and recovery system. For efficiency, we adopted a parallel write ahead logging scheme for the recovery system. There are two methods to optimize the logging. First method is early lock release which executes lock release early on data objects. Second method is group commit which executes batched logs transfer to storage from memory. We integrated a transactional system consisted by TicToc and P-WAL logging system assuming non-volatile memory. We found that the two optimization methods incur performance degradation when storage access latency is equivalent to that of NVRAM.


Concurrency Control; Write Ahead Logging; Transaction Processing; Database System

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